OSCI is the federation of private companies devoted to the international business development.

Our members play roles in every stage of the value chain of the internationalization of companies.

They offer specialized services by profession, by geographical zone and/or by business sector to:

  • Provide support in strategy planning
  • Ensure the continuity of their export operations and international actions
  • Continue companies’ international expansion, country by country
  • Respond to urgencies in their export markets
  • Propose complementary services essential for internationalization

Things that OSCI members have in common are expertise on the ground and a results culture that makes them natural partners for companies. These operators are in a position to offer lasting support to companies handling complex industrial projects in difficult countries far from the French production zones.

The fact that these operators belong to OSCI assures their clients of guaranteed professionalism that is recognized by attested references and business ethics affirmed by the signing of a deontological code.

OSCI actively contributes to the promotion of its members and represented professions through various actions, having forged partnerships with national and regional players in charge of international development, playing an active role in events devoted to international operations, contributing to the SOLEX group’s work, co-organizing the Business Internationalization Summer School, etc.

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