Bpifrance and OSCI working together to provide better international support


Within the framework of the Business Internationalization Summer School, Bpifrance and OSCI are combining their expertise to provide support for French companies in their international development.

In the course of this meeting, several companies gave us feedback on their experience.

Report from Chloé Berndt, Managing Partner with VVR International and President of OSCI & Maria Minakova, Director Asia for Maria Galland Paris

Report from Hervé Druart, President of Salveo and Co-President of OSCI & Philippe Marie, Managing Director of Builder Systems

Report from Anne Martel-Reison, Founder and Director of EOC International and member of OSCI & Eve Raymond, Director of International Development, Mediterranean Sea Division

Report from Camille Verchery, Founder and Director of VVR International and member of OSCI & Philippe Eyraud, President of Mixel, CCE Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and OSCI Ambassador


Bpifrance & OSCI working together – providing international support