Confluences has been accompanying Menard (a Vinci group company) in the Cambodian market since 2019.

Established in 1955, Menard, proposes and implements innovative foundation solutions, from design to construction, based on effective methods of improving and reinforcing the ground.

Since 2019, Confluences has been helping this Vinci group company make its entry into the Cambodian market with operational solutions such as portage, administrative and logistics support and the identification of projects and potential clients

The company has been growing for several months now. Led by Julien Devynck, Country Representative, the team was reinforced with the recruitment of seven people in March (Agency Assistant, Site manager, Site Engineer, Assistant Project Manager, Geotechnical Engineer, Technical Director and Mechanic). A Khmer team for the most part, with complementary profiles

And a bigger team means bigger offices! Last June, Confluences expanded and it now has two more large private offices facing its current premises, beside the relaxation area. This extension enabled our Operations Department to offer Menard’s teams, already accommodated in our business centre, a larger floor area of 45 square metres.

And recently the company also acquired four machines in Cambodia, in order to provide its clients with better service. These machines are designed for the construction of special foundations.

We are delighted to be a part of Menard’s adventure in Cambodia and see the company grow rapidly in the country.

Soreasmey KE BIN

Managing Director, Confluences